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Ladies and gentlement,  

The name of Kelimutu is actually consisting of 2 words namely KELI and MUTU. Keli means Mountain and Mutu means Boiling. So the Kelimutu indicates the power of mount in a big explosion.

Ladies and gentlement, The Kelimutu Lake is located on the top of mount Kelimutu, this mountain once erupted in 1830. Based on the type of eruption, it released very huge larvae, gas, and volkanic. This mountain is famous for its three color lakes namely black, red and green. But the unique thing is that these color of water in each crater are always changeable and unpredictable.   

Ladies and gentlement,

This lake was discovered by a Dutch researcher named Van Suftelen in 1915,and was designated as a Nasional Nature Conservation Area on February 26 1992. These three lakes have their respective names, called Tiwu Ata Polo, Tiwu Nuwa Muri Ko’o Fai and Tiwu Ata Bupu, where according to history of local people who lives around this area.....these 3 craters describe the name of each crater. 

Ladies and gentlement,

The history begins at the top of Mount Kelimutu, which is called Buaria, the name for a dense forest, which is always cloudy.

Once upon a time, where Konderatu lived with its people, there were two highly respected figures, namely Ata Polo, who was evil, and Ata Mbupu who was kind. One day, Ata Mbupu was visited by a pair of orphans who begged for protection. Ata Mbupu accomodated them by not leaving the field for fear of being eaten by Ata Polo. But Ata Polo already known about the presence of the children, during a visit to the Ata Mbupu’sfield. Ata Mbupu tried to protect the children, by asking Ata Polo to come back after the children were teenagers, because their meat will very delicious when they were teenagers. Ata Polo agreed and said to come again then. As time went on they became teenagers called Ko’o Fai for the young girls, and Nuwa Muri for the young boy.  They are looking for a hiding place , to avoid Ata Polo. When they managed to escape and found a cave to take refuge, Ata Polo was so angry with Ata Mbupu, because he felt be trayed. This wrath then turned into a big fight and it caused earthquakes and big fires. But ladies and gentlement, Since Ata Mbupu was too old and weak, he could not handled Ata Polo, so he decided to go into the ground of the earth. This made Ata Polo wrath.

Not long after, Ata Polo found the hiding place of the 2 teenagers he was looking for. Shortly Ata  Polo had to be swallowed up by the earth because of his uncontrolled mad and these two teenagers were aslo becoming victims. The cave were Ko’o Fai and  Nuwa Muri hided, collapsed  in the quake and buried them. A few moments after the incident, where Ata Bupu’s reaches the bowels of the earth, a blue lake appeared, at the Ata Polo’s place a red lake, and the hiding place of the two teenagers formed a green lake.

So ladies and gentlement, the 3 lakes are called according to history, namely Tiwu Ata Polo is believed to be a lake for bad people gather when dying. Tiwu Nuwa Muri Ko’o Fai believed that this place is provided for the spirit of young people died, and Tiwu Ata Bupu is believed to be a place for the accumulation of died parents. Until now, ladies and gentlement, the people believed that whoever dies his spirit will live in these 3 lakes. The local people believe that when the colour of water is changed, means the spirit of the dead people visit them and they must give offerings to them like what the people always do every year ‘Pati Ka ceremony’. Is there any question, ladies and gentlement? .......No?

Alright, ladies and gentlement, please follow me!!



Ladies and gentlement,

There are many choises of light drinks and  traditional food offred by the local people along this area. You may have your traditional cup of hot coffee or tea while sitting around freely after seeing the beauty of the 3 lakes of Kelimutu. It costs very cheap. The people also provide souvenirs to bring home like sarong, Ragi and Lesu. And the price is very low. You will have 10 minutes to be here before back to the bus for our next site to Murundao water fall. So ladies and gentlement, let’s continue our trip to ‘TUGU’ to see the 3 lakes of Kelimutu and the scenery around the mount Kelimutu.


Ladies and gentlement,

Before going up to ‘tugu’, I would like to inform you the rules and ethiques to be concerned as follows:

  1. Put the trash in the trash can.
  2. Don’t feed monkeys around the area.
  3. Don’t turn the music on loudly.
  4. Don’t stay over night here.

By: Margareta Dwiputri Bedha. SMK Katolik Syuradikara Ende Schoolgirl. Class XI UPW




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